Hi, I am Magdalene

the story of IconicLXR

IconicLXR is focused on creating individualised order books, appointment books, planners, notebooks, and other various planning products for people looking something unique for their business or everyday life. Each order is created and fulfilled on-demand as all planners are completely customisable, with no two planners being the same (unless that is what you want).

The initial thoughts of IconicLXR came about as I, searched for a planner. I knew that I wanted to buy a planner to help me get organised, but after searching the web, I couldn't find what I wanted. It also came to my attention that a lot of small businesses where in need of a custom made and more bespoke & personalised order books.

With this knowledge, I found that the only way I could create my perfect planner, was to create it myself. Being a professional graphic designer for the past 20 years, it allowed to create quality designs and layouts, so I decided that I wanted to build a product and website that allowed everyone to have exactly what they wanted - I wanted to give everyone the ability to create their perfect planner, order book, appointment book for their needs.

Testimonials & reviews

Rhiannan T.

1 / 8

"I’ve been looking for a journal and I’m all for small businesses. This lady is just fabulous amazing! I told her what I wanted/why and I felt like I could really relate to her. She gave me loads of options and ideas, what I could include in my journal. I was able to choose every single aspect of my order. Literally everything you can think of in terms of design was covered by this superwoman 😍😍. Showed me pictures throughout. The communication/constant updates was just beyond incredible. Would recommend."

1 / 8